Ghana has made remarkable progress in bringing down maternal, infant and child modality over the last decade or so. TFHO believes that no mother, infant or child deserve to die under circumstances that are preventable. We understand some of the common causes of maternal deaths to include obstetric haemorrhage and hypertensive disorders. And some of the leading causes of infant and child mortality include infections, diarrhea and malaria. TFHO addresses these through several interventions ranging from provider education and training on client-centered care, quality of care, increased access to quality healthcare, preventive care, client education, essential health commodity supply among other interventions.


What it is?
A chlorine-based tablet that makes water clean for mothers and children under five years of age to promote good health.
Destroys 99.99 % of viruses, bacteria and giardia within 30 minutes in non-turbid water.

How to use Aqua tabs

  • Use one 67mg Aqua tabs Tablet to treat 20 liters of water.
  • Filter cloudy water and drop 2 tablets before use.
  • Wait for 30 minutes before using the water.
  • Keep treated water in a clean container and cover to avoid recontamination.


  • Ensure water is treated with water treatment tablets always. Even clean water may contain micro-organisms that can cause dangerous diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, amoebiasis and many others.
  • Do not swallow tablets.

Side Effects

Key points to note

  • Clean water for everyday use by mothers and children.
  • Safe drinking water for mothers and children.
  • Can be used for drinking, cooking, washing (hands), fruits, vegetables, brush teeth etc.

  • Helps to prevent diarrhoea diseases in children, which is a leading cause of death in children under five years old.