A non-profit Ghanaian Social Marketing Organisation working to improve the health of Ghanaians through social marketing of products and services. Our core intervention areas are Family Planning (FP), Maternal and Child Health (MCH) and Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) and Nutrition

We operate a robust distribution system that covers the entire 16 regions of the country
We provide advocacy, Social Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC) as well as Provider Behavioral change communication that complement the effort of our programming activities and our distribution network


TFHO will enhance its position of achieving the greatest possible beneficial health impact, in both scope and quality, through social marketing, including the distribution of needed health products and motivating healthy behaviors.


Our Mission is to be a truly Ghanaian organisation that works to improve the health of people primarily through the social marketing of health products and services as well as health communications in a measurable and impactful way.
Using our social marketing activities and experience, our programs are designed to improve access to WASH products and services, while actively engaging our consumers to adopt new behaviours.

The desire under our sanitation program is to advocate for safe toilets and make available affordable toilet to every Ghanaian home through our various market modules that change behavior

TFHO comes with a wealth of experience in Social Marketing, using evidence-based research to design, implement and measure its projects. We focus on promoting healthy behaviors and providing affordable commodities.

Our current Sanitation brand portfolio include SATO pan, an innovative safe toilet system made from durable plastic (polypropelene) which is easy to clean and maintain with minimal water. It has a simple trap door lever at its base making it self-sealing


Open defecation continues to be a critical health challenge globally, affecting almost 1 billion people worldwide and contributing significantly to an estimated 842,000 people who die yearly from sanitation-related diseases.

In sub-Sahara Africa, 200,000 children under the age of five die from diarrhea annually, while the numbers dying from cholera within the region are similarly high because of poor sanitation, hygiene practices, and unsafe water supplies

In 2019, Ghana was ranked second after Sudan in Africa for open defecation, with almost 5 million Ghanaians not having access to any toilet facility. Ghana’s sanitation situation remains a major challenge.
Though there have been efforts from successive governments and development agencies to curtail the situation, much has not been realized especially in the area of open defecation.
The Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2017/18 reveals that

  • Over 13 million Ghanaians representing 45% use shared facilities. The high proportion of this population is mostly concentrated in low-income urban settlements.
  • 22% of Ghanaians still practice open defecation. This is especially more rampant in rural Ghana with about 4.2 million people (representing 31% of rural population) engaging in this practice. About 1.8 million (representing 11% of the urban population) equally practice open defecation.

Based on the analysis of the MICS 2017/18 data, we estimate a minimum of 3.0 million new improved latrines/toilet facilities are needed to attain the Sustainable Development Goals for sanitation by 2030.
Also, while potential market players exist to facilitate the sales and distribution of SATO pans, the market is characterized by low volume / high margin


Sato pan has been on the Ghanaian market for over a year. It is distributed and managed by TFHO. The brand provides affordable toilet solutions options to variety target audience.

The brand has enjoyed considerable sales since its introduction. The brand has been supported with distribution and marketing of the brand especially in the Q4 of 2019. We have engaged in below the line activities as well as Social Behavioral Change Communication activities that has yielded positive results. The brand is fast penetrating the Ghanaian market mainly in the Volta, Greater Accra, Bono and the Northern regions of Ghana. We currently have established distributor that provide services around the country. TFHO has made consistent effort to maintain connectivity with trade and final consumers.

The Organisation also utilized a few selected ATL platforms leveraging on sponsorships and commemorative days to reinforce its campaigns.

TFHO is seeking advertising agencies to produce a television (TV) advertising for SATO pan.
SATO pan, is an innovative safe toilet system made from durable plastic (polypropelene) which is easy to clean and maintain with minimal water. It has a simple trap door lever at its base making it self-sealing.

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